Second direction


Second direction.

Guarding the West stands Bear.

No ordinary bear. My second month of learning was to be accompanied by White (healing) Bear with the added bonus of a “Power Pack” , comprising an arrowhead tied to her back.

Unlike Mountain Lion, who was presented in a very public place, Bear came following the appropriate cleansings and rituals at the home of the Shaman. Situated in a highland glen, surrounded by mountains and forest, it is possibly the perfect setting for such work. I could have spent the entire month there.

A short drumming session preceded the ritual introduction to Bear. The Exchange of Breath with her was much less “dramatic” than it had been with Mountain Lion; a much more subtle, perhaps less “enthusiastic” energy. Preliminaries over, a short (sic) “Journey” session followed, during which Bear most emphatically came out of her shell: leaping, cartwheeling, and running ahead through a strange, tree barren landscape.

I was then shipped off while lunch was prepared, Bear in hand, to wander where she would. Turning out of the cottage gate, Bear decided a walk by the river would be appropriate. She sniffed out everything! most of which would have normally been passed by without much notice: stop at every anthill, inspect ants, clamber under a low-hung tree to inspect the bark of the trunk, search every still pool for fish…

It was obviously going to be an interesting month!

About Running Elk

My given native name, Running Elk, was bestowed in 2008 as I took my first steps as a fully fledged Medicine Man of the Zuni tradition. A most unlikely candidate for the role, my journey as a healer began some four years prior. The detour onto the shamanic way was most unexpected, yet has been one of the most rewarding challenges to date.
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3 Responses to Second direction

  1. Echo says:

    Now for obvious reasons, I am enjoying these introductions…. 🙂

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