Gaia Warrior has come to Dance

Facebook drives me crazy at times, and I waste far too much time there, when I could be involved in much more productive activity.Every now and again, however, you fall across something that is so wonderfully expressive, that it appears to make all that wasted time worthwhile.

Stumbled across this heart felt piece from Luckner, a self professed “Backyard Farmer”, whose words speak of the deep connections with Mother Earth, connections which we deny at our peril.


I set forth my staff
I close my eyes and do the same ritual Dance
My forefather did when nature cried
Listening to the Bahamian Drums .
I plant seeds across the land
To save my mother’s skin from the scorch of the sun .
I Dance to mother earth, O feel my cry
For I beg of you Gaia
Feel my crops for their roots long to be one with yours.
I set forth my staff and wait for her tears
I beg of you Gaia speak to the earth for within you wombs lies the most stubborn of men
For you are the earth and you are alive.
Let me dance for you for this is my only reward for the harvest I have reaped
I have given to your
Children undeserved and those deserving of all.
Let the companies of man
That have cause you harm
Be banished for their greed
For they will not outlast the ones that truly cry.
I feel my Mayan brothers who were once your beloved
For they spoke of the day, that end ,
When Honorable men no longer stand by
To let polluters infest you with poisons from which we surely will die.
Let the ones that feel you dance for they are your children and they will not die.
Let them believe in the old ways
That mother earth has set for nature’s path.
For this is the only way to bring your pain to an end
My fathers, My Grandfather and all of Gaia Children won’t you hear my Cry
For this is the dance against Monsanto that cause’s mother earth to continually cry.

Luckner Timothee
(Grand Bahama Backyard Farmer)

Luckner’s Facebook Page

About Running Elk

My given native name, Running Elk, was bestowed in 2008 as I took my first steps as a fully fledged Medicine Man of the Zuni tradition. A most unlikely candidate for the role, my journey as a healer began some four years prior. The detour onto the shamanic way was most unexpected, yet has been one of the most rewarding challenges to date.
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5 Responses to Gaia Warrior has come to Dance

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Seriously profound and true statement by the farmer. Thank you for sharing this with us. And for your FB sacrifice 🙂 somebody must do it, not I.

  2. Now more than ever so important a message!

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