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Animal Spirits: The Bear

Originally posted on Through the Peacock's Eyes:
The bear, a powerful creature we fear coming                                                …

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Moment with the ancestors

Yesterday was the third anniversary, presaged here. It was a strange day. Periods of intense busy-ness, interrupted by short spells of nothing-ness, waiting for the next interviewee to turn up. In those gaps, I found myself considering a recent post … Continue reading

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Sunrise call

The traditional morning ceremony of the Zuni. Before dawn breaks, the Sun-priest summons the people to the roofs and tops of the houses to greet the mother-of-life, the rising sun. The call for her to rise is played to the … Continue reading

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Primary correspondences of the sacred direction West, according to Zuni tradition: Clans: bear, coyote, spring herb. Colour:  blue. Region of: peace (‘war cure’). Guardian: bear. Seasons: Spring, and it’s damp breezes. Elements: Water. Tree: Douglas Fir. Zuni directional home: Home of … Continue reading

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Spirit of Bear

Yes… well… bear… Regular readers may have noted that a pattern of posts deteriorated after the initial introduction to bear. She should have made a return many posts, and many months, ago outlining the teachings of my time spent with … Continue reading

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Touching the dragon

This week has been long. I’m tired. Soul deep tired. Last weekend saw the culmination of the healing activity alluded to in the previous post, and I’ve been paying a heavy price since. So much so, that even now I … Continue reading

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