A Year and a Day

Must be the season…

A most unexpected visitor arrived today, and will be staying, full board and lodging, for the time specified in the title. Having gone into my best fish impersonation when he turned up at the door, the news that this was no flying visit kind of pushed me into full-on shock mode. “I never thought I’d ever see him in this house!” was all I could finally blurt out.

Meet my new house guest:

The Engine

The “Engine”

It’s a piece I could never hope to own, but fell in love with at first sight, some eight years ago. Jane, my crystal guru, and long time custodian of the “Engine”, dropped it off this afternoon. She was just leaving the house this morning when she was overwhelmed by the realisation that it wanted to spend a year and a day with me…

Not sure what he has in mind…

At 12kg, he takes up quite a bit of space:

Yes... that is a BIG comfy seat he is taking up...

Yes… that is a BIG comfy seat he is taking up…

Not only is he big… he’s also busy:

Citrine quartz

Citrine quartz

...tourmaline, prehnite, aquamarine, hiddenite....

…tourmaline, prehnite, aquamarine, hiddenite….

...kyanite, tourmaline, topaz...

…kyanite, tourmaline, topaz…

...all set in a wonderfully fluid albite matrix

…all set in a wonderfully fluid albite matrix

… there are more, but I’ve had to stop counting. Working with it is giving me a seriously annoying “energy” headache…

It is really a “group work” piece, and I’m kind of stumped as to how I’m going to be able to use him at the personal level – at least without running the risk of blowing my own head off…

Talking of which, Jane joked, when she dropped him off, that it was probably dangerous to have in the house, as it would probably blow my roof off. As she left, we found a couple of slates blown off in the gale… not funny, Jane, not funny…

About Running Elk

My given native name, Running Elk, was bestowed in 2008 as I took my first steps as a fully fledged Medicine Man of the Zuni tradition. A most unlikely candidate for the role, my journey as a healer began some four years prior. The detour onto the shamanic way was most unexpected, yet has been one of the most rewarding challenges to date.
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14 Responses to A Year and a Day

  1. Sheelagh says:

    What a beautiful piece to be gifted with … even if it’s just for a year and a day. The second to last picture looks like maybe there’s some iolite in him as well.
    Given the size of the piece & all the properties of the varying crystals, I expect you to be in for quite the spiritual journey this coming year – you and possibly anyone else who lives within a mile of your home!
    Enjoy the ride, my friend!

    • Running Elk says:

      Thank you Sheelagh. Well spotted! The full list comes in at around 12, from vague memory – I’ve asked Jane for confirmation of the full list of what I’m up against this year… πŸ˜€
      Do you think I need to warn the neighbours? πŸ˜‰

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    That’s enormous, just enormous.

    You know, I have a few crystals on my window sill, but I read a blog recently where the writer thought crystals attract bad energies & evil. It was really off-putting as I’d heard nothing but good of crystals, ever. Can’t help but be fascinated. It looks stunning.

    • Running Elk says:

      lol Pretty much my reaction when I first saw it all these years ago.
      Don’t be put off by one bad review. Never come across anyone who would choose to use such a strong word as evil before, either.
      Wonder if they meant crystals “absorb” bad energies, rather than attract? Certainly there are many that are believed to take in energies that could otherwise cause us harm, which is surely still a good thing that they do for us… πŸ™‚

  3. bert0001 says:

    I particularly like the hiddenite …

  4. Sue Vincent says:

    I just WISH I cold have seen your face when your guest arrived, H…. x

  5. Wow, I have never seen anything like it! Surely you must take care. Can understand you getting an energy headache but hope no more tiles fall off and the energy will bless you and your surroundings!

  6. Thank you for all your support. I look forward to reading your blog this New Year. Happy 2014! xx

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