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Fear of Indifference

Last night my son was attacked by three strangers. Three strangers, fuelled by drugs and alcohol, intent on robbing him of the money they knew was in his cab; indifferent as to whether they took his life in the attempt. … Continue reading

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To be a better Druid

Originally posted on Druid Life:
We all develop in different ways and our paths take us each in different directions. No two of us will have quite the same definition of what it means to grow, improve, or whether ‘better’…

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Transience and the Art of the Banal

Social media. The life of the masses branded as ephemera. No time to consider, debate, discuss. The bigger picture lost in a constant stream of other people’s minutiae; mind chatter writ large and validated by the click of a blue … Continue reading

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Third Direction

Having completed quite a roller-coaster with bear, I hoped that the following month would offer a little respite. The journey to the shaman’s lodgings was interesting; the first snows had fallen in the mountains, and the drive, cross country on … Continue reading

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