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…but is it real?

Aherm! Two posts in as many days? (Don’t be expecting it regularly! 😉 ) One of the questions that often crops up, is the reality, or otherwise, of the experiences involved in shamanic work. This is true also of meditation, … Continue reading

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A New Suit of Armour

I’ve been feeling kind of exposed whilst out and about journeying of late. I never expected physical signs of conflict, so the obvious welts and scabbing which resulted from this little excursion, and similar, though less dramatic ones since, has … Continue reading

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Find your passion

Meet Luckner Timothee. He’s one of the gems mentioned in a recent post, not entirely complimentary, about social media. You have met him before, in a previous posting here. Luckner has a passion, which he shares freely with the world, … Continue reading

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