A New Suit of Armour

Suit of Armour Worn by Henry VIII (Copyright IsisRain @ fanpop!)

Suit of Armour Worn by Henry VIII
(Copyright IsisRain @ fanpop!)

I’ve been feeling kind of exposed whilst out and about journeying of late. I never expected physical signs of conflict, so the obvious welts and scabbing which resulted from this little excursion, and similar, though less dramatic ones since, has left me rather nervous when faced with some of the “big boys” out there in the playground.

There was something about this post from Sue Vincent,  yesterday, which was going round in my head when I finally went to bed last night. So, this (erm) morning, an unexpected dream sequence:

I was somehow placed in charge of “guarding” objects arranged around an old, rambling house. The place seemed huge, the task unwieldy, and, since there were all sorts of alarm systems in place, the job itself seemd rather pointless.

Then something went missing. How anyone could tell, amongst all the accumulated clutter, was confusing at best. It seemed like a rather important artifact, however, going by all the fuss created by its disappearance.

Next night, I happen across a rather dubious, enrobed character roaming the halls. He is obviously searching for something. I bundle him into one of the ante-chambers off the hall and lock the door.

I’m quite pleased to have apprehended the probable thief, and am sitting, relaxed and drinking tea, waiting for my boss to congratulate me on my efforts when he arrives in the morning. His reaction, however, is not as expected.

After a tirade of abuse, generally centred on questioning my sanity for taking on such a rum character single handed, he takes me into his office. “If you are going to be stupid enough to tackle a level 6 villain, when you are only on level 5, you will need some level 6 armour.”

Decidedly unimpressed by the invisible armour, apparently offering no protection whatsoever, I say so. “You really are stupid, aren’t you?” With that he swings his sword directly at me, and a section of RoboCop-like, Kevlar suit springs from nowhere to protect my exposed upper arm…

Waking up, I felt uplifted in the knowledge that a further layer of protection would be available next time I am out journeying.

Then I got thinking… at all levels of reality, we feel exposed. At all levels, other than in the presence of those whom we love and trust, we wear a suit of armour. The deeper the emotional scars, the heavier the blows we have burdened, the stronger that armour becomes.

Yet… and yet… armour is HEAVY. It is burdensome to carry around. How freeing to just lay all that armour down at the end of the day.  Finding the strength to trust in an invisible armour, which will only spring into action when needs must… now that is freedom indeed.

Bit peeved, of course, to find that I’ve only reached level 5 of the game… 😉

About Running Elk

My given native name, Running Elk, was bestowed in 2008 as I took my first steps as a fully fledged Medicine Man in the Zuni tradition. A most unlikely candidate for the role, my journey as a healer had begun some four years previously. The detour onto the shamanic way was unexpected, yet has proved to be one of the most rewarding challenges of my spiritual journey.
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11 Responses to A New Suit of Armour

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Well if you’ve got level 6 armour maybe you’ve been promoted 😉

  2. Armor sounds like a good idea.😊 I wouldn’t fret about being on level 5– you’re still way ahead of most of us– but, of course, since that is so, it is probably no consolation to you. Stay safe! xx Ellen

  3. alienorajt says:

    That’s lovely – and, as a metaphor, somehow kind of comforting. I absolutely agree with your final sentence; it is, perhaps, what we are all searching for one way or another. And I think we can read trust and safety instinctively when we meet another’s eyes without needing to veil them behind the visor, the helmet; when we speak and do not have to clench hands inside the metal gauntlet. Does the battering – whether emotional or physical – perhaps imply that a new level has been reached? That a shift in the durability of the armour, or the material out of which it has been made, has occurred? That we are being honed, smelted upon the forge from which so much weaponry is created? A profound piece of writing. xxx

  4. alienorajt says:

    Yes, just thinking aloud really – I was inspired by your post and it started the thinking process! xxx

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