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Boyne Valley Tour – Part III

Newgrange The Disney-face of Neolithic Ireland. It would have been rude not to pop in, since we were in the area anyway… Be prepared for disappointment, however. Whilst the organisation of the millions of visitors who come each year to … Continue reading

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Faceless Gods

Originally posted on Pilgrim's Way:
‘Witchcraft is not a religion’, ‘Witches are not Pagans’…Anyone who has read even just a few books on traditional Witchcraft or hung around a few message boards long enough will have heard one or…

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Originally posted on dhamma footsteps:
POSTCARD #104: Delhi: 05.00 hrs: The sound of the generator – a power cut, no lights. Holding my phone so it shines like an electric torch I come out from the bedroom and through to the…

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Boyne Valley Tour – Part II

Dowth Sadly, Dowth, “The House of Darkness”, is no longer accessible. A botched attempt at opening the tomb in the 19th century left it with a massive bowl on top, and the entire structure is apparently unstable. Nevertheless, the approach … Continue reading

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Boyne Valley Tour – Part I

This summer we found ourselves, in the unexpected sunshine of Ireland, exploring the megalithic wonders of the Boyne Valley. Never content with tour guides and their half-baked stories of the why and what of a thing, we went off-piste as … Continue reading

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Its essence…

Originally posted on Tom's Nature-up-close Photography and Mindfulness Blog:
. The essence of love is deep caring (beyond the limited self). . [Lazy Susans at a Hospital Park…  There are at least two Hover Flies resting upon them.] Lazy…

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Forgetting is not an option…

This tune always had my grandfather weeping, sometimes uncontrollably. It took me a long time to understand why… He was never at “The Front”. He tried many times, by all accounts, but he fell into that category of the lucky … Continue reading

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