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Who heals the healer?

Three weeks of wandering between sickbed, deathbed, casualty department and GP… back to sickbed… have brought the question to mind more prominently than may, otherwise be expected. It’s a long term thing. Last flare up was over 10 years ago, … Continue reading

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The Question of Light: Tilda Swinton’s speech at the Rothko Chapel

Originally posted on Conner Habib:
Below is the only place to read Tilda Swinton’s moving and radiant speech at the Rothko Chapel in Texas. Why do I have it?  A brief explanation. Last year, actress Tilda Swinton was presented with…

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Society Needs to Stop Normalising Abuse

Today’s trigger phrase is “child abuse”. (Please don’t read on, if this is a trigger subject for you). The following got me so bloody riled today that, yes, this had to be written. “I know what abuse is. I was … Continue reading

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Odd and Evil in A Blessed and Loving Light

Tim’s wonderful expression of the self doubt, the fears (personal and trans-personal), the questions we all face now and again… maybe one day these long sought answer can be revealed. My generation blew their chance – it’ll be a younger … Continue reading

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