Little Boy Drowned: Some things are just plain WRONG!

I wasn’t sure how I felt when I initially saw the image. Horrific as it was, his little body in a position of sleep, he was, after all, just one of thousands whom the world had turned their back on. Then it kept appearing pixelated, as if that could remove the horror of it; as if, somehow, that vain attempt to take away his identity could make it OK.

Then something wonderful happened. He became much more than a statistic. He became a symbol, more powerful than he could ever have been in life, crying out for justice, change and the political landscape seemed to shift, if only for a moment. Perhaps, just perhaps, his tragic death can become a catalyst of socio-political change.

Little Aylan Kurdi should remain in our hearts, and in our prayers; not only for him, but for all Syrians, all refugees, all peoples whose plight is so often ignored by a world in which that terror, that drive to find safety in a strange land, cannot even be imagined.

Then Nicola Sturgeon turned him into a beating stick for political point scoring ( and suddenly I found a deep, deep, vein of absolute abhorrence which just won’t go away… How can these people sleep at night?

I shall pray for Aylan tonight, as I have prayed for all the unknown victims of this crisis since it first started way back in 2011. Tonight, however, I feel hope that maybe now, something could actually change…

About Running Elk

My given native name, Running Elk, was bestowed in 2008 as I took my first steps as a fully fledged Medicine Man of the Zuni tradition. A most unlikely candidate for the role, my journey as a healer began some four years prior. The detour onto the shamanic way was most unexpected, yet has been one of the most rewarding challenges to date.
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4 Responses to Little Boy Drowned: Some things are just plain WRONG!

  1. bert0001 says:

    I cannot press the like button but i appreciate this post. Absent as i am from tv-news and newspapers, the image found me long before it became an icon. It’s sad that it is now abused by politics. It’s sad that we have forgotten our parents and grandparents were refugees themselves in that other worldfire 75 years ago. These old people still show tears when they talk about the generosity they received from strangers.

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