Infinite potential…

The measurement problem (we observe only that which we expect to see) discussed at a deeper level by Tom. With a picture of Schrodinger’s grasshopper which seems to perfectly illustrate the question at hand… 😉

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(This posting is dedicated to the late Professor David Bohm, Theoretical Physicist, who specialized in Quantum Mechanics.  I used to have some very good one-on-one conversations with David.)

In quantum mechanics, when a separate observer looks at (or tries to measure) subatomic phenomena, the (endless) waveform collapses and there is an object that, for instance, exists in a distinct place, duration, or time.  (The waveform can exist at many places at once and has qualities of infinity.)  We are perpetually measuring things, even when we are not fully conscious of doing so.  Labeling things, identifying things, naming things, existing from one word-oriented symbol to the next… are all (in their own way) forms of measuring, categorizing, and assessing.  We were taught that the observer is doing the measuring, doing the categorizing, and doing the assessing.  However, is the observer truly separate from what the measuring, categorization, and assessment are constituted of?…

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About Running Elk

My given native name, Running Elk, was bestowed in 2008 as I took my first steps as a fully fledged Medicine Man of the Zuni tradition. A most unlikely candidate for the role, my journey as a healer began some four years prior. The detour onto the shamanic way was most unexpected, yet has been one of the most rewarding challenges to date.
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