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The Feathered Seer – Part 3 (No. Really. The Feathered Seer!)

During the exploration session on Spirit Animals, presented during The Silent Eye (a modern mystery school) “Leaf and Flame: the Foliate Man” weekend in 2016, one of the companions enquired about “Shape-shifting”. Since this was outside the scope of the … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Red____ and I have just completed a ritual drumming, calling in the guides, in preparation for the work of the day. I’m in full regalia, perched on the edge of a couch as he potters about, mixing various sacred herbs. … Continue reading

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A New Suit of Armour

I’ve been feeling kind of exposed whilst out and about journeying of late. I never expected physical signs of conflict, so the obvious welts and scabbing which resulted from this little excursion, and similar, though less dramatic ones since, has … Continue reading

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Dream of a dream within a dream

Came across this bizarre “little” dream, of a dream within a dream, whilst looking for something else. It doesn’t make much outward sense, I suppose, but there are certain “loaded” aspects which I thought may be of interest to some … Continue reading

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